What We Do

Mechanical Installations

All electrical and mechanical installations are liable to gradual deterioration, particularly those situated in outdoor or exposed environments. It is vital that management ensures that such installations are properly installed by the competent persons with the appropriate skills and experience.

SMY Group London approaches every project with a caring attitude and sets a high standard for its services.

Electrical Installations

We have a continuing responsibility to work professionally in order to meet the requirements of our clients, to meet the requirements of relevant standards and also grow our business. We are an approved NICEIC Contractor, therefore we understand the need to provide unequalled services. As a member of the N.I.C.E.I.C., our company and a selection of our electrical work are inspected annually to ensure our continued competence and compliance.

Plumbing Installation

Plumbing is just a small part of the construction industry. It falls within a sector called Building Engineering Services, which includes: water, heating, electrical, gas, ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning, telecommunications, plus escalators and lifts. If plumbing installations are not done correctly, they can cause considerable damages.

SMY Group London has knowledge and expertise needed to ensure your plumbing installations are running safely and efficiently.